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As State and Local governments increasingly rely on technology to deliver services to constituents, the complexity of IT projects and associated risks have grown exponentially. Recent highly public IT failures related to the Affordable Care Act have shaken the public’s confidence in government’s ability to deliver quality systems on-time and on-budget.  State and local IT organizations and their federal partners are recognizing the value of engaging independent third parties that offer highly specialized project assessment and management services to verify and validate the quality of the essential steps of the system development process and the delivered system.  Independent assessment and oversight of IT projects act as a counterweight to group-think and too-big-to-fail mindsets that can overwhelm proven standards of project management and system development.

SLI’s Government Solutions focuses on improving the quality of State and Local IT systems through the application of field-tested methodologies delivered by highly qualified experts in the disciplines of IT assessments and risk management. SLI’s proprietary Quality Management methodology and framework, SQM3, has earned an ISO 9001:2015 Certification and is derived from industry standards articulated by IEEE, PMBOK, ISO, SWEBOK, and COBIT.  SQM3 ensures that our findings and recommendations are fact-based and aligned with appropriate standards.

SLI understands that one-size does not fit all projects, but all projects must be executed within the context of appropriate standards.  Our senior practitioners are skilled at configuring SQM3 to the specifics of each engagement.  Alignment of our approach to each engagement is key to effective assessment of non-waterfall development efforts like Agile and COTS and Cloud-based applications.  These non-traditional development methodologies require non-traditional assessment and oversight. SLI’s SQM3 delivers real value by adapting to your chosen system development methodology rather than forcing your project to adapt to our assessment methodology.    

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«“The SLI QA team has been doing an excellent job evaluating, identifying, documenting, and recommending adjustments to their activities, resources, and deliverables. Their services have significantly enhanced our confidence that the delivered solutions will meet the required quality standards. We have found SLI’s people and process to be a valuable addition to our project. ”»
Sarah Sanks, Deputy Project Director, DCFS Transformation Project
Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services