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Center for the Support of Families

Since 1991 CSF has formed partnerships with more than 44 state and local human service agencies to deliver effective and efficient services in areas of child support, child welfare, welfare-to-work transition, childcare, and other programs relating to children and families. CSF’s work for children, youth, and families places particular emphasis on child support, paternity and custody, child maltreatment, foster care and child welfare, children in poverty, adolescent pregnancy and parenting, and juvenile justice. Within these fields, CSF delivers a variety of services, including strategic planning, policy analysis, business process analysis and reform, implementation assistance, and training and coaching for policy and program delivery staff at the federal, state, and local level.

Our subject matter experts work with agency stakeholders to conduct in-depth analyses of service delivery systems at the local, regional and state levels, and provide detailed strategies to improve program efficiency, effectiveness, and the quality of customer service.  Using a specialized 5-step methodology that has been informed and tested by numerous program improvement projects, we engage with clients to achieve success.


























Our child support consulting team consists of seasoned veterans and nationally known experts in public policy, federal and state child support law, children’s rights, business process redesign, strategic planning, and CSE privatization issues.  The CSF team of child welfare subject matter experts is among the most capable and well-respected in the nation, and includes top authorities in the subjects of child safety and risk, the needs of older youth and adolescents in placement, family and child strengths and needs assessment, child welfare interventions, effective social service delivery, and the measurement of outcomes for children and families.


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Program Evaluation and Improvement

Child welfare program redesign and reform

Child support program improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement

Child welfare practice models


Child welfare policy and practice training

Child support policy and practice training

Collaborative negotiations training

Customer service training

Legislative Policy and Gap Analysis

Strategic Planning

Child Support Operations

Paternity establishment

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«The members of the work group that…[CSF] used in Louisiana were very familiar with the child support process and policy. They made valid recommendations and were able to ‘sit down at the table’ with us and discuss all of the details involved in running a state child support program. I cannot honestly say that CSF can walk on child support waters, but they are pretty good swimmers!»
Robbie Endris, former Executive Director
Louisiana Support Enforcement Services