SLI Global Solutions - Program and technical consulting that assists government agencies to improve service delivery

Case Studies

SLI has completed testing of an electronic election system for the Republic of the Philippines which was successfully used to support the May 2010 elections.  This project was a first of a kind international certification test program conducted by a US company.

SLI  provided Performance Testing services to Reed Group, a leading provider of employee leave management services and absence management software.  Reed Group contracted with SLI to upgrade its software testing capabilities in multiple areas.  We responded by assessing the quality of each test suite, including suite execution time and accuracy of defects found during testing; and  also accelerated testing performance by incorporating automated functional testing.

SLI (then SysTest Labs) provided Load & Performance (L&P) Test Services for Denver Health (DH), a regional top acute care hospital, to confirm that its new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system would perform adequately with a large number of end-users.