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Electronic Voting System Test and Certification Project for the Republic of Philippines

SLI has completed testing of an electronic election system for the Republic of the Philippines which was successfully used to support the May 2010 elections.  This project was a first of a kind international certification test program conducted by a US company. 

Eighty-thousand scanning machines were deployed in the over 7,000 islands that comprise the Philippine archipelago using a complex transmission protocol that had never been used before. SLI's  project delivered the comprehensive results needed to support a timely go/no go decision for electronic elections. In order to accomplish this, SLI tested the performance, accuracy and security of the system. SysTest Labs executed a full audit, review, and test of all system characteristics by applying innovative test methods that covered extreme technical requirements and logistical challenges.

SLI engineers developed a load generation tool that was specifically tailored to combine actual test traffic on the system along with simulated vote data. The combined traffic modeled load and expected transmission behavior. The results of the simulated load test indicated that the system would be able to handle the projected transmittal rates and the results on election-day confirmed our findings. 

The election was held on May 10, 2010 and has been hailed as one of the most orderly and successful elections ever conducted in the Philippines.