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Reed Group Performance Testing Project

SLI (then SysTest Labs) provided Performance Testing services to Reed Group, a leading provider of employee leave management services and absence management software.  Reed Group contracted with SLI to upgrade its software testing capabilities in multiple areas.  We responded by assessing the quality of each test suite, including suite execution time and accuracy of defects found during testing; and  also accelerated testing performance by incorporating automated functional testing.

We created the Enhanced Manual Test Library, permitting accurate and timely decisions regarding software defect findings.  Our team also provided rollout training and support for the new EMTL to the Reed Group QA staff allowing them to manage the process for the future.  The creation of the functional test automation solution and running tests from Quality Center significantly reduced overall test execution time.   SLI provided a two-part solution for Reed Group:

  • The first part was an Enhanced Manual Test Library (EMTL), which created an overall summary report in each test suite.  The report provided dashboard displays for test script quality, test defect results, and real-time (on-demand) tracking of the testing schedule progress.  With this upgrade, management could know for the first time the quality of all test cases, summarize all defect findings in real-time, as well as predict and manage the real-time execution of over 300 individual test cases.
  • The second element was a turn-key test functional test automation solution for 80 test scripts using HP’s Quick Test Professional and HP’s Quality Center.