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Mobile Testing Solution - Hailo

May, 2014

SLI’s Connected Testing division offers a mobile testing solution as well as has experience in highly regulated industries testing against strict requirements and standards.  This unique mix of experience made SLI a perfect candidate for HAILO’s mobile testing project.

HAILO invited SLI to propose a mobile testing solution that would test against all requirements set forth by the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) and then to provide a third-party verified report certifying that the system met the minimum requirements.  HAILO was required to comply with this third-party testing before they were allowed to deploy their system in the state of New York.   HAILO was intrigued by SLI’s commercial testing experience that could marry the mobile testing experience with our experience working with government clients.  SLI was positioned well to provide a formal third-party certification of the system and understand HAILO’s mobile application.

SLI has the ability to access all mobile devices through a cloud solution mobile testing lab and simulate all types of testing across multiple platforms, however, in this particular engagement SLI was requested to test their mobile application on iOS and Android only.  HAILO provided SLI with the requirements that the TLC was requesting be tested along with an initial draft of test procedures based on HAILO’s assessment of the TLC requirements.  SLI’s testing team reviewed and refined the test cases to ensure adequate coverage and then executed the test suite on the applicable devices.  The test results were documented and then a formal written report was drafted that correlated the appropriate test cases to the TLC requirements along with the confirmation that the system passed each of the tests.  The result of this testing and reporting was that HAILO could successfully launch their new mobile application in the state of New York after already being successfully deployed in many other markets previously.  This work was performed in two separate phases, the first an initial round of testing, and the second, an integration phase.  HAILO expressed their satisfaction with SLI’s services and felt that everything went to plan and service delivery was excellent.