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Denver Health Electronic Health Record Performance Testing Project

SLI (then SysTest Labs) provided Load & Performance (L&P) Test Services for Denver Health (DH), a regional top acute care hospital, to confirm that its new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system would perform adequately with a large number of end-users.

By using innovative approaches and flexible implementation, we enabled DH to confirm that its EHR System performed as required in terms of hospital-unique project and institutional goals.  Our approach also enabled DH to keep its staff focused on medical services delivery, rather than be diverted into IT support consulting.  Most importantly, SLI was able accommodate DH’s unique EHR testing needs without any increases in project cost or schedule impacts.

Our services for Denver Health include:

  • An L&P test solution for Denver Health that minimized DH staff time demands
  • Rapid test development, yet provided full function L&P test cases
  • Optimized available Denver Health  staff time by using video capture to record staff use of the EHR system
  • Test case documentation and the expected results
  • Multiple full length L&P tests in as little as one business day, enabling rapid turn-around in order to meet tight delivery schedules
  • L&P test scripts and easily understood results