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SLI's Code Review Solutions

SLI has broad expertise and experience performing source code reviews over a variety of environments and languages. Our process incorporates industry acknowledged source code development standards.  Adherence to a development standard promotes uniformity and stability within the resultant source code set, and leads to a code base that is more intelligible, and much more maintainable.

The implementation of a development standard promotes conventions such as appropriate encapsulation and sizing of code in terms of function and length, reasonable levels of allowed complexity, minimized points of entry and exit, the omission of unused “dead” code, and consistent and appropriate commenting, all of which can enhance application performance and security.

Our experience reviewing source code for adherence to standards brings significant value to our clients because we are able to recognize the code organization and evaluate its composition.

  • SLI confirms that modules are mnemonically named, and uniquely named within their scopes.  Each module is typically expected to have header comments that describe the purpose of the module and how it works, the dates of creation and revisions, any global variables used, as well as descriptions of input parameters and values returned.
  • SLI also evaluates object and variable naming conventions used throughout the code for reasonableness and consistency.
  • Source code complexity is an aspect that can have significant impact on code maintainability; the more complex the code, the more difficult it will be to maintain.
  • The depths of nested logical levels, and the use of some types of control constructs, are also subject to evaluation to determine their impact on the understandability, maintainability and stability of the code base. Highly complex and deeply nested modules that might be seen as candidates for refactoring are made note of.

In the course of performing a source code review, SLI also considers provided development-related documentation that may accompany the subject source code, such as architectural, design, user and interface specifications, coding standards, and any other pertinent documents that the source code provider may supply. Those additional documents can allow SLI to gain insight into the implementation and intended use of the code base subject to review.

The outputs of the source code review process include SLI’s source code review forms on which are recorded the individual identified modules that were subject to review, the review criteria, and any discovered non-conforming items. Reports descriptive of each and every discovered non-conforming item are and provided to SLI’s client.