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Private Provider Performance Management through Performance Based Contracting

September, 2017

How can a child welfare agency effectively partner with private providers to ensure better outcomes for children and families? State and county child welfare systems have long relied on contractual relationships with private providers for many of their most vital services to children and families. This includes direct services, such as foster and congregate care, in-home family and front-end investigative services, as well as supportive services, such as day care or counseling. While the percentage and types of services contracted by states and counties to private providers varies widely, the outcomes of any public child welfare system are impacted by the quality of these services and the extent to which a functional performance management process is in place that ensures private provider accountability. Public child welfare agencies must, therefore, make sustainable investments and align financing to support collective partnerships with their private providers around the shared goal of securing the best possible outcomes for the children and families they serve. Please click here for the full text.