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Case Studies

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The City and County of Broomfield, Colorado experienced a close and contentious election in November 2013. One ballot issue was decided by about twenty votes, triggering a mandatory recount. The election results were challenged in District Court; while the court sustained the results of the election, it concluded that procedural mistakes occurred and some ballots were processed incorrectly.

The City Council decided to bring in a third party organization with expertise in elections, auditing, and business processes to assess the 2013 election issues and help develop stronger procedures.

SLI Global Solutions was selected both to provide the independent assessment and to review and strengthen the internal election procedures. The SLI team included a former county clerk with extensive experience in election administration at the county level and election project management at the state level, along with an expert in auditing and improving internal procedures.

February, 2015

SLI’s Connected Testing division offers a mobile testing solution as well as has experience in highly regulated industries testing against strict requirements and standards.

HAILO invited SLI to propose a mobile testing solution that would test against all requirements set forth by the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) and then to provide a third-party verified report certifying that the system met the minimum requirements.  HAILO was required to comply with this third-party testing before they were allowed to deploy their system in the state of New York.   HAILO was intrigued by SLI’s commercial testing experience that could marry the mobile testing experience with our experience working with government clients.  SLI was positioned well to provide a formal third-party certification of the system and understand HAILO’s mobile application.

May, 2014

Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) is legally mandated to manage and operate the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program that pays benefits to those who are temporarily unemployed.  The program was supported by a 25-year old legacy system, including 15 ancillary systems that provide additional functionality.  The legacy systems were built on antiquated technology, inflexible to the need for ongoing modifications, and costly to maintain.  At the same time, the UI Tax program had become more complex over the past 30 years since the original system was envisioned and its customers were demanding a modern system consistent with today’s technology and user experience.

SLI has broad expertise and experience performing source code reviews over a variety of environments and languages. Our process incorporates industry acknowledged source code development standards.  Adherence to a development standard promotes uniformity and stability within the resultant source code set, and leads to a code base that is more intelligible, and much more maintainable.

Maintaining financial data integrity and software quality are paramount concerns for any major financial institution. This is especially true when the firm in question is a Fortune 50 Bank, and the system involved manages a multi-billion dollar mortgage asset portfolio.

SLI provided a full range  testing services to CenterStone Technologies, an e-Commerce company whose iVendix system provides business-to-business ordering capabilities world-wide.  SLI used its proprietary textless QA management capabilities to quickly assess iVendix, implement a comprehensive test suite, then provide automated testing and on-line dashboard reporting – all within 30 days.

SLI has completed testing of an electronic election system for the Republic of the Philippines which was successfully used to support the May 2010 elections.  This project was a first of a kind international certification test program conducted by a US company.

SLI  provided Performance Testing services to Reed Group, a leading provider of employee leave management services and absence management software.  Reed Group contracted with SLI to upgrade its software testing capabilities in multiple areas.  We responded by assessing the quality of each test suite, including suite execution time and accuracy of defects found during testing; and  also accelerated testing performance by incorporating automated functional testing.

SLI (then SysTest Labs) provided Load & Performance (L&P) Test Services for Denver Health (DH), a regional top acute care hospital, to confirm that its new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system would perform adequately with a large number of end-users.