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MMIS Consultant - Pennsylvania

 MMIS IVV Certification Consultant


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SLI Global Solutions LLC (SLI) is exclusively focused on helping government agencies improve the quality of services they provide, and attaining positive outcomes for system modernization projects and program improvement initiatives.  SLI has specialized expertise in program design and development, program improvement strategies, child welfare, and child support programs.  We are a leading provider of Independent Verification and Validation, Quality Assurance, Program Management, and Test Management for large technology-intensive application development projects such as Medicaid, Eligibility, Child Support Enforcement, Transportation, and Unemployment Insurance/Labor.  SLI Global Solutions is looking for a MMIS IVV Certification Consultant to work on a CMS project located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

CMS provides funding to states to develop, upgrade, and maintain the information technology (IT) systems used to administer state Medicaid programs. In the case of MMIS, CMS certification is required before the state can collect enhanced federal funding for system operations.

CMS envisions that modular solutions and architectures for state Medicaid enterprise systems will promote the reuse of technical solutions among states, minimize customization needs, and increase competition in the Medicaid Enterprise marketplace. Modular architectures will also improve efficiency and effectiveness of system upgrades, reduce costs, improve system interoperability, and increase adherence to the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) and the Standards and Conditions for Medicaid IT. 


Job Specification

Candidate must be fully versed in MITA (Medicaid Information Technology Architecture) goals to align technological needs with business needs to restructure monolithic applications into enterprise-wide, services-oriented components and the MECT (Medicaid Enterprise Tool Kit) and the processes contained therein. 


  • The applicant is expected to perform document reviews and write reports expressing the applicant’s research discoveries, review findings and recommendations

  • Work closely with vendor and State development teams

  • Must speak English clearly and maintain a professional demeanor expected of a software consultant

  • Two (2) years’ experience analyzing Medicaid business and technical processes

  • Two (2) years with the MITA and MECT framework

  • Strong understanding of software development best practices, the software development life cycle, and strong analytical and organization skills

  • Capable of independently planning and developing written reports on complex technical topics

  • Working knowledge of HIPAA, ARRA, ACA and other security requirements

  • Knowledge of industry standards, PMI, CMMI, NIST and IEEE required

  • Understand industry standard system architectures, networks and data exchange

  • Ability to review and summarize technical and system documentation for common systems associated with a Medicaid Enterprise including MMIS, eligibility, DSS/DW, EDMS, workflow management, POS/PBM, MARS/SURS and Web Portal

  • Ability to apply industry best practices and future state/federal mandates to existing systems and Medicaid environment to make enterprise recommendations for centralization and functional improvements

  • Excellent communication, problem-solving and customer service skills

  • It is desirable for the candidate to have certifications in areas specific to the project technologies and in project management



Duties and Responsibilities

  • MITA is an initiative intended to stimulate an integrated business and IT transformation affecting the Medicaid enterprise in all states. It is designed to improve Medicaid program administration by establishing national guidelines for technologies and processes, and it includes an architectural framework, processes, and planning guidelines that enable State Medicaid enterprises to meet their objectives within the MITA framework while still supporting unique local needs.

  • Evaluate MITA self-assessments conducted by the State

  • Provide consultation on MECT 2.2 process and evidence development activities of the client and module vendors

  • Evaluate MECT 2.2 evidence provided by the client and module vendors against CMS criteria and additional guidance

  • Complete the IV&V reviewer assessment portion of the MECT 2.2 Checklists

  • Author IV&V Progress Reports and complete the  included Programmatic Checklist

  • Perform an analysis of existing MMIS operations and functionality

  • Perform Risk Assessments including documentation of Risk Management Corrective Action Plan(s), with proposed mitigation approaches to determine if, and assist with, the technical/business requirements, standards and technical solutions of the project are adhering to the goals of on-time and on-budget delivery

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews

  • Assess/Identify major system and process initiatives to define the new system with MITA compliant characteristics

  • Assess if both current and future Medicaid related business needs are defined and mapped to the MITA business process model

  • Identify business processes affected by CMS Seven Conditions and Standards


 Required Education and Other Credentials:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and/or Business or another relevant field preferred

  • Diploma in IT and/or Business with Equivalent IT Experience

  • Industry recognized Certifications

 Required Skills/Experience:


  • Minimum 5+ yrs working in a Project Leadership role (and/or)

  • Minimum 5+ yrs working in MMIS Business/IT Sector in a Project Management role (and/or)

  • Minimum 2+ yrs overseeing Quality Assurance or Independent Verification and Validation services

  • Have contributed in at least one MECT Milestone Review cycle (R1, R2 or R3) via either preparation or evaluation of evidence within the last 5 years


We offer excellent paid benefits that include:


  • Comprehensive Health & Dental Insurance

  • 100% Paid Life Insurance

  • Paid Holidays

  • 401k Savings Plan (with 50% Matching Contribution)


    SLI encourages diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.


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